Dear Friends,

The Asian EUS Group(AEG) was formed in 2012 with the aim of education and research focused on EUS. It has members from 18 Asian Countries and in a short span of time, has emerged as a major vehicle for creating awareness about appropriate utilization of EUS in Asia. The AEG conducts more than 30 workshops every year for training young endoscopists . The first Asian EUS Congress was held in 2015 in Seoul and was a grand success with about 400 delegates from across Asia attending the event.

We extend a warm invitation to all interested endoscopists across the World to attend the 2nd Asian EUS Congress (AEC 2017) to be held in Mumbai on September 7-9,2017. EUS has emerged as an invaluable modality for diagnosis and treatment of various GI and pancreatico-biliary disorders, and the indications are rapidly expanding. Newer technology innovations are taking place at a rapid pace, and it is imperative for a modern endoscopist to keep abreast with the latest advances. AEC 2017 will provide cutting edge information about the appropriate utilization and ongoing research in EUS. There will be a Live Workshop to show basic and interventional procedures, and a hands-on course for basic and interventional EUS. As always the focus of the conference is on young endoscopists, and they will have opportunity to present their research and videos in the Congress.

We are fortunate to have a Galaxy of experts from around the World as faculty. These experts are at the forefront of EUS technology and evolution and will provide us with the best evidence and technical advice.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India, and is beautiful post monsoon. There are many attractions in and around Mumbai for you to explore before or after the conference.

We are all waiting for you in Mumbai!!!!

Khek Yu Ho Lawrence AEG Chairman
Amit Maydeo Organizing Chairman
Vinay Dhir Organizing Secretary
Asian EUS Group
Advisory Board
Kenjiro Yesuda, Japan
Robert Hawes, USA
Shyam Varadarajulu, USA
K.Binmoeller, USA
Executive Committee
Ho Khek Yu Lawrence, Singapore
Mitsuhiro Kida, Japan
Vinay Dhir, India
Dong Wan Seo, Korea
Jin Zhen Dong, China
Yang Ai Ming, China
Hsiu Po WANG, Taiwan
Anthony Yuen Bin Teoh, Hong Kong
Nonthalee Pausawasdi, Thailand

Organizing Committee India
Advisory Board
D N Reddy
Randhir Sud
T S Chandrasekhar
Organizing Chairman
Amit Maydeo
Organizing Secretary
Vinay Dhir

Asian EUS India
Pramod Garg
S. Lakhtakia
Rajesh Puri
Vikram Bhatia
Nilay Mehta
Pankaj Desai
Mathew Philip
Amol Bapaye
R Wadhwa
Surinder Rana
Praveer Rai
Suvadip Chatterjee
Manoj Sahu
Local Organizing Committee
Nitin Pai
Harshal Gadhikar
Vivekanand Kulkarni
Udaysing Patil
Deepak Patil
Sanjay Salunkhe
Prabha Sawant
Pravin Rathi
Satish Kulkarni
Mukta Bapat
Rahul Shah
Vishal Bothara
Rajeev Shandil
Atul Sharma
Rajesh Bathini
Nikhil Bondade
Ankit Dalal
Nitin Aherrao
Nitin Gupta
Bhooshan Pandit
Nitin Joshi
Hussein Bori
Advay Aher
Devang Shah
AIGE Executive Committee
Amit Maydeo, President
Naresh Bhat, President elect
SP Misra, Vice President
Sunil Jain, Vice President elect
Vinay Dhir, Secretary General
Nilay Mehta, Secretary (North)
Amol Bapaye, Secretary (South)
Rajesh Puri, Jt Secretary (North)
R Wadhwa, Jt Secretary (South)
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